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Tests to Perform After Buying a New Laptop

Buying a laptop might be a hassle as there are hundreds of models and of different configurations. You must perform the following laptop tests to just confirm, you paid for the right model.

Check the laptop externally

Usually, there is no problem with its body, but the shipping and delivery of the laptop might affect its body. check the entire laptop for any major scratches or any breakage. after the external check just check out all the ports and confirm that they are functioning properly.

Check the configurations

Go to settings and click on device info. Check out the RAM capacity, type of ram, storage capacity, and storage type ( HDD or SSD). Check out the graphics card also as it will affect the performance of the laptop.

Battery life

Monitor the laptop’s battery. Check the time it can run on a single charge from its guide and compare it with your laptop battery life. If there is a big difference then you might have received a device with a defective battery.

Check the screen

To check for a defective screen you must see that all the pixels on the screen are working properly or not. If there are even a few defective pixels, it might affect the quality of the screen later on. To check for defective pixels just choose a black background and carefully examine the entire screen. A defective pixel might be red, blue, or green in color.

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Check the keyboard

Keyboards of laptops are more delicate than pc keyboards. As a result of this, you have more chances of getting a defective keyboard on your device. Check out all the keys on the laptop.

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