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‘Go India’ Campaign By Google Pay

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Google Pay- ‘Go India’ Game And Diwali Event

Google pay is an online payment system. For the Diwali Celebrations, Google Pay has come up with a ‘Go India’ games campaign. The ‘Go India’ game is live on Google Pay on Android and IOS. Although, all the Go India tickets have to be collected to get prizes. Also, this is available to the users from October 19 to November 25. In addition, Google Pay will be giving out cashback and other offers to the winners.

The rewards after visiting all the cities in the ‘Go India’ game will be Rs. 101-Rs. 501 scratch cards. Besides, one will also win vouchers from different merchants after visiting every fifth city.

Moreover, Google Pay’s cultural event will be for a restricted time. In case, one visits a city in the course of the virtual cultural event, he/she will be able to win bonus scratch cards. The scratch cards can cost up to Rs. 100, or a city, or KM.

How to Play The Game?

In this game, one has to collect tickets and kilometers while traveling to different cities in India. One will travel to various cities and get tickets and KMs via a virtual car on the screen. The tickets can be earned by making transactions asking friends for tickets on Google Pay.

Transacting, gifting a city ticket, getting a morning gift, recharging bills, and sharing go India photos or maps will help in gaining kilometers. One can become the ‘Go India Champion’ after visiting all the appointed cities and will also get prize money of Rs. 501.

But, the game has some rules. One has to visit all the appointed cities before November 25 in order to get the prize. Also, it is advisable to transact with more and more merchants to get tickets and KMs. Further, the KMs expire if not collected in 48 hours. To know more game rules, head to the Google Pay app.

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