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Among Us 2 Cancelled, But Original Getting Updated

Among Us

Attacks On The Massively Popular Game Among Us

Among Us takes place in a space setting, where one player is an imposter out to eliminate everyone. It depends on the group to determine the imposter. As players complete the tasks to prepare the ship for departure, simultaneously the imposter tries to eliminate them. Similarly, the crewmates must locate and eliminate the imposters among them. Also, the imposter has to conceal their identity.

Among us has become wildly popular. The game has 5.3 million downloads on Google Play as of now. But, recently it has been getting attacks that are testing developers’ ability to match up. Specifically, on Sunday, the continuous attacks compelled the company, InnerSloth to update the game. Currently, the company is addressing this problem and other security-related issues. Innersloth is asking users for patience.

Further, InnerSloth is run by a three-person team. The team consists of one developer, one artist, and one animator and game designer. In 2018, Among Us was released. But it didn’t gain any popularity. But, quarantine led people to this now popular game. Since then the game has been all people can talk about.

Player Eris Loris Spamming Among Us

Player Eris Loris has made the most recent round of attacks on Among Us making the game futile. He has been spamming people with ads, endorsements like ‘Trump 2020’, and threats such as ‘blow up your phone’. A user with an NFSW handle wrote that every single server he joined had been hacked by Eris Loris. Moreover, he stated that he tried 40-plus games and every game was hacked within seconds.

Furthermore, Eris Loris stated that InnerSloth is at fault. He blames the incapacity of the team to expand the game. He added that it was not his fault that the game has a small team. According to him, the three people’s reasoning is pointless as the team can get more developers.

Server Update

InnerSloth resident programmer, Forest Willard, announced a server update on Sunday night. The update kicks out the bad actors off the game’s servers. But, there is a drawback that it kicks out the innocent players as well. Although, Willard stated in a tweet that it is for the greater good.

Willard said in the following tweet “The reason I didn’t update out sooner is that I was afraid of false positives. You totally might see the game think you are hacking when you’re not”.

Does Among Us Have Scope

The breaches on the game are frequent. In addition, there is rampant cheating as well. Further, in October the Among Us servers kept shutting down. This was due to the enormous spike in traffic. Although, this has not affected the growth of the game. Among Us was the most downloaded mobile game in the world in September.

Thus, InnerSloth has to think carefully about the next step. If the game goes through big changes, it will lose its magic. But, if the owners leave it in its present condition the venomous actors will chase the players away. InnerSloth even posted about the issue and asked the players to play private games.

InnerSloth had been planning to shoot the sequel of Among Us. The reason behind the sequel was because of the outdated codebase. Also, the codebase was not fit for adding new content. However, InnerSloth has decided to cancel Among Us 2 and rather improve Among Us 1. This is because InnerSloth feels they should support the people enjoying Among Us and now want to take the original to another level.

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