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Microsoft is installing Office web apps on Windows 10 without your permission


  • Microsoft Windows Update is installing these web apps without prior permission.
  • PWA versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel were spotted in the Start Menu.

Multiple reports have been suggesting that Microsoft is installing PWA’s on to Windows 10 devices without seeking permission. This was done through a forced software update. However, it was first heard that this update was pushed for the Insider members only, but it seems it reached the Non-Insider members as well. We can confirm as these apps were installed on the system with an installation date of October 14.


Now you might have a question, what is PWA?

PWA is termed as Progressive Web App and is an app that uses modern Web capabilities to offer users a very similar experience to a native app. Unlike traditional apps, progressive web apps are a hybrid between regular web pages and mobile applications. They can adapt to various screen sizes: desktop, mobile, tablet, or any dimensions that can later become available.

These web apps are reported to be showing up as dedicated entries in the start menu and evenly these apps also show up in the ‘Programs and Features’ section as recently installed apps. Some users have even reported that their device took a restart without permission to install, and thereby successfully completing the installation by a Windows update.

Do note that these apps are not the full version of Microsoft Office, they will only open up as a web version of the app where you need to sign in with your Microsoft account to gain access. Having said that, as a user, you can even uninstall the app if you do not need them.

There are two methods to uninstall:

  1. Settings App > Apps & Features
  2. Control Panel > Programs & Features

These web apps hardly take any space on your system and it’s not even the worst bloatware for your system as they work and have features as same as a normal full version app.

However, this software update of installing web apps without permission has raised the question of forced advertising. A report even calls out that it’s very predominant from the fact that Microsoft does not respect the ownership of your own PC and these factors may result in highly progressive unusual harassment of the users.

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