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Microsoft provides Free JavaScript Beginner Tutorial

Microsoft is here with a Beginner JavaScript tutorial for free. They Released a similar Python3 Tutorial a year ago. The JavaScript Tutorial Series covers the Basics of Programming using the Language while helping build a foundation for you to learn more about the language of the Internet.

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JavaScript is the Programming Language that helps web developers to amke the page more interactive and create web services.

After Around a Year of Launching the Python for Beginner Tutorial series on YouTube, Microsoft is here with another Series. This time the Series is for aspiring developers wanting to work using JavaScript. The 51 Video series contains Topics explained by the instructors and demos showing the implementation of the same.

Tutorial Outline for the Beginner’s Series to JavaScript

The Tutorial starts with an Introduction to JavaScript and The Difference between Client and User side JavaScript and how they behave Differently Then the Tutorial moves over to installing the tools needed to start JavaScript Development on your Machines by installing NodeJs and VSCode for Editor. Further, the main tutorial begins with making a Hello World Project and a basic understanding of Strings.

The Microsoft Instructors then move further to teach us about Comments (Single and Multiline), Variables, Strings, Template Literals using Backticks(`), Data Types, Basic Mathematics, and Type Casting of Strings to Numbers(Conversion of Data Types from Strings to Numbers). Consequently, we learn about working with dates. The Basic Introduction finishes here and the main logical part starts in the further videos which contain tutorials for conditional logic and statements including if-else if-else, switch statements, and others. Furthermore, we learn about Creating and Populating arrays, array methods, loops, functions (Arrow and Anonymous functions), JSON(JavaScript Object Notation), and Objects in JSON.

The Tutorial Series ends with videos on Promises and Async/Await for JavaScript and what you should further learn with some helpful resources.

The First Video in the 51 Video Long JavaScript Tutorial Series.

The Microsoft JavaScript Tutorial is meant to be for Beginners. Although some basic knowledge about programming using any other language should come in Handy to follow the tutorial. Hopefully, This Tutorial series will be helpful for you in starting your Programming Journey.

After the completion of the JavaScript Series, We Recommend you go for the by Microsoft that was Release just a week ago. Also if you already haven’t do give the Python Series a try as it would be very helpful to you if you want to develop applications using Python.

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