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Google Play Music-Shutting Down

Google Play Music

Google Shuts Down Google Play Music Worldwide

Google gave an official depreciation timeline for Google Play Music at the start of August. The announcement made by Google stated that the Play Music will shut down by December 20, 2020. The members by mid-August were no longer able to purchase and pre-order music. Further, members slowly started to lose access to the service by the starting of September. ‘Brown Music” no longer appears, as well as, the web displays a ‘Music store on Google Play is no longer available’, shutdown message.

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YouTube Has Brought New Features

However, the Google Play Music library can be transferred to YouTube Music. Google is going to keep Play Music playlists and, uploads, purchases, likes, and other data. This is to give users the chance to transfer them using the transfer tool. Unfortunately, if the user does not transfer the data or download it by the end of the year, it will eventually be deleted. This is a clear effort of Google to move its music streaming services to YouTube Music.

Moreover, YouTube has added several new features to expand the music experience on Smart TVs. This, in turn, is helping to gain a lot of attention from users. Furthermore, there is also a chance that in the future that YouTube Music Premium Users will be able to play music in the background.

The Google Play Music Manager is also no longer available. If the users go to the Music Manager’s official download page, they hit a roadblock. Now, the service redirects the user to a splash page which confirms that music can no longer be uploaded. Also, it shows that the user needs to join YouTube Music if they want to continue uploading.

Google Play Music’s End of Year Shutdown

Google has been preparing for the end of year shutdown since August. Firstly, the Gifted Play Music subscriptions will be receiving Google Play Credit as compensation. The app used to let users gift subscriptions to others by paying a certain amount per year. But, in August this offer was taken back. E-mails were sent to the active members, converting their subscriptions to credits. There was also a redemption code in the e-mail that has to be entered by the end of next year.

The users in New Zealand and South Africa were the first ones to lose access followed by the other countries in October.

Transition From Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Google has changed a lot of names and brands over the years. It also switches products and discontinues projects very hastily. But, there were a lot more grudges from people because of Play Music than usual. In spite of that, the app will be closed by the end of the year. The transition too was not smooth, though YouTube is bringing out more new features. So, one will have to stay tuned for the latest updates.

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