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Chandrayaan 3 Ready to Launch in March 2021

K Sivan state that the cost of the Chandrayaan 3 project would cost nearly 615 crores Rupees.

Chandrayaan 3 is ready to launch in early 2021. According to the reports of ISRO, Chandrayaan 3 is a planned third lunar exploration mission.

The launch of Chandrayaan 3 was previously planned at the end of the year 2020. But due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the launch had delayed and it has rescheduled in March 2021.

Due to some snag in the communication between the Earth and the Rover. The Chandrayaan 2 mission was nearly a failure for ISRO. But learning from the previous mistakes in the mission. They’re ready to take over Chandrayaan 3 earlier in the month of March next year.

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The design of Chandrayaan 3 had changed a lot from the previous design making it more efficient and cost-saving. As per the reports, Chandrayaan 3 will not place an Orbiter but will include Lander and a Rover. The Lander will only have four throttle-able engines. And will be equipped with a Laser Doppler Velocimeter(LDV).

The LDV will be useful for better measurement of speed during Landing. They’ve done work on saving power and improving Communication Systems. And some changes are made in software and algorithms for accurate measurement.

chandrayaan 3 mission isro

The Chandrayaan 1 mission had shown evidence for the presence of ice water on the poles.

Jitendra Singh, Minister of State(MoS) for the Department of Space said “The sign of this finding is that even though the surface of the moon is known to have an iron-rich rock. It is not known for the presence of water and oxygen which are the two elements needed to interact with iron to create Rust.

Budget of Chandrayaan 3

The project initial cost was around 75 crore Rs. Out of which 60 crores are used for machinery and equipment. And the remaining 15 crores are sought under revenue expenditure head.

K Sivan state that the cost of the Chandrayaan 3 project would cost nearly 615 crores Rupees.

It would be a proud moment for all Indians if this project gets some exciting results.

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