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‘Scratch’ Banned in China, Anti-Chinese Content

Targetted basically for small aged children to help them create mobile apps, games, animations, etc. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language. It is open-source software available on Github. Developed by MIT Media Lab. But due to some anti-Chinese content on the platform china had banned the scratch service all over the country.

Nearly 60 million users all over the globe are using Scratch. With around 3 million registered users of Scratch are based in China.

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Scratch platform is widely used around the world to introduce children programming through easy projects. These projects might contain sensitive Chinese content. Many projects on a scratch platform named as “Chinese virus”, ” Chinese pig”, “Destroy China”.etc

scratch banned in china

Anqi Zhou, Chief Executive Shenzen based Dream Codes True said “Scratch is widely used in China inside schools. It’s used in many official Information Technology textbooks for primary school students”. Further “If its something permanent and if mainstream competitions and schools stop using, we too will consider stopping using it.” monitors internet censorship in China said “
Scratch platform was 100% blocked on 20th August.”

Chinese article stated that “any service distributing information in China”. Must comply with local regulation and the Scratch website had been shut down in the country.

The Scratch is downloadable and can use offline. The Chinese users who have installed the software they can further use it.

It is unclear whether the ‘Scratch language’ Banned in China will be a temporary or permanent one. If it turns out to be permanent. China most probably will come up with its alternative for Scratch programming.

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