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Pakistan Bans Five Dating Apps Including Tinder

Claiming it to have immoral and inappropriate content, Pakistan recently banned Tinder: Dating Application, Grindr, and three other major dating applications.

This followed up last Tuesday when the Telecommunication Authority of Pakistan issued a notice claiming that five online dating applications including Tinder are banned.

On asking for clarifications that why Pakistan’s Government decided to do so, they exclaimed that these applications including Tinder were violating some of the rules and the live streaming feature served inappropriate services to the locals.

tinder pakistan dating app ban

Further adding on to this, Pakistan’s Telecommunication Department also said that they even sent a prior notice to these applications about the guidelines but they did not report and replied to it in the stipulated time, thus forcing the government to imply a temporary ban on these dating applications.

YouTube in Pakistan

Also, on the 22nd of February, 2008 YouTube was banned in Pakistan because it had some controversial content in the form of movies that showed something against the norms of Islam.

Though, the ban was lifted later. But according to the sources, the Telecommunication Department of Pakistan is going to impose a ban on YouTube again.

Also, very few people know that the content displayed and available for surfing and searching on the internet in Pakistan is very much limited and censored.

Therefore, it is very clear that a place where the sentiments of locals get hurt so easily, and with such a fragile and conservative mindset, it is not an easy task to maintain the cleanliness of content on the internet.

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