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Neuralink Progress Update Summer 2020

On 28 Aug 2020, Neuralink Founded by Elon Musk held a Live event on Neuralink Progress Update Summer 2020. and shown there latest Neuralink Architecture which has changed a whole lot over a year.

What is Neuralink?

It is the US. based Neurotechnology company Founded by Elon Musk started in 2016 making Implantable Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) so carrying out its research at the University of California, Davis.

Secondly, Last year in July, they proposed the technology through live streaming which involves a device placed outside the head that will wirelessly transmit and receives information from the thread-like Electrodes embedded in the brain.

Thirdly, In Aug 2020, they developed a 1024- electrode read/write Neuralink device, which had got approval as an FDA breakthrough device that allows Neuralink for limited human testing under the FDA guidelines therefore the progress is fast.

See Full Neuralink Progress Update Summer 2020.

Moreover, The mission is to solve important brain and spine problems with a seamlessly implanted device.

Elon musk said, ” Almost everyone has neurological problems over time, so we need a generalized brain device that is reliable and affordable.”

Neurological problems stated were:

  1. Memory Loss
  2. Hearing Loss
  3. Blindness
  4. Paralysis
  5. Depression
  6. Insomnia
  7. Extreme Pain
  8. Seizures
  9. Anxiety
  10. Addiction
  11. Strokes
  12. Brain damage

Features of Neuralink includes:

  1. It is Inductively Charged.
  2. No need for general Anesthesia.
  3. No noticeable.
  4. In addition, Getting a link is a work of less than an hour.

It is on to conduct its First human implantation very soon, so waiting for their required officials’ approval and further safety testing. In conclusion, It’ll be great if it turns really helpful after the results of human testing.

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