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China to Make Gitee an Alternative to GitHub

We all know GitHub. GitHub is the place to learn, share, and connect with different developers around the globe with more than 40 Million users and 100 Million repositories. Once GitHub has been targeted by the Chinese Government by blocking it in the country but due to user outrages, it gets unblocked.

China ranks fourth in GitHub’s user base. During this ongoing chaos between the USA and China, It is reported that China is working to shift from GitHub to its alternative Gitee in order to not depend on western countries.

The Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has announced to make an independent open source hosting platform in China and it will rely on Code Cloud Gitee. Seven years old Gitee has claimed to have more than 5 Million developers with more than 10 Million repositories.

The motto behind this open source community platform is to maintain local source codes effectively.

The construction of an open source ecosystem is not an overnight effort, but a process of gathering sand into a tower. We believe in the creativity of Chinese developers, and we also believe in our persistence and hard work.

Founder, Open Source China

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