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Will Coding Jobs Exist in the Future? No Code Movement!

The Covid-19 pandemic situation in 2020 has shown the decrease in the profit of several tech industries and companies due to lack of manpower and it has increased the very need for the revolution in advanced computing and the work to keep going without the need of manpower.

This era is moving faster towards the era of AI, IoT, Data Science, Machine learning, etc. The Duo research team of Intel and MIT have developed an algorithm capable of creating an algorithm and making the code by itself.

The team has developed a Machine inferred code similarity (MISIM) system which studies what the software operations are to be performed, what the code actually does, and builds the algorithm based on the parameter and makes the whole code. This machine translates human-readable source code into computer-executable machine code without using a compiler.

no code movement

The No-Code Movement has started over the past couple of years and has developed several tools that require no code. These are all listed under the no-code development platforms (NCDPs). The most used NCDP is which can be used to build websites without using a single line of code.

The research team further is increasing the features of MISIM and will perform a demonstration soon. The system will be able to develop code from a simple algorithm and can create software with the intention of a software developer/designer.

PROS and CONS of the No code movement


  1. The owner can own his/her code.
  2. Can add new changes whenever needed.
  3. Fast development process.


  1. Will be a turmoil situation for developers if it gets in to use.
  2. The actual process will be hidden so no learning.

The question still remains Does the No Code Platforms Are FUTURE?

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