Upcoming New “Search The Web” Feature in Whatsapp

The usage of social media is much increased in these days, especially in this pandemic. Almost each and every person are having at least a single social media id. Some of the social media applications that are widely used globally are, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…

WhatsApp Messenger is a well-known social media messaging app that was founded by former employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum of Yahoo in the year 2009. On Feb 19, 2014, FACEBOOK reveals that it had acquired the WhatsApp for US$19 billion.


Brain Acton and Jan Koum, former employees of Yahoo, they resigned Yahoo in the 2007 September, then after they took some time off and after they had applied jobs for Facebook and they were rejected. In January 2009, they have observed the craze for App Store in iOS, realizing the potential of the app industry they discussed developing a messaging app with koum’s friend Alex Fishman, which show statuses next to their individual chats. But for developing that in IOS they need an IOS app developer so Fishman visited Russian developer Solomennikov and Alex introduced him to Koum. Koum named the app Whatsapp to sound like “what’s up”. Finally, he incorporated WhatsApp Inc. in California in the year 2009.


Useful Crazy Feature

WhatsApp said the new feature called “Search the Web”, works by allowing the users to upload the text messages through their browser, means WhatsApp itself never sees the content of any message as they had posted in a blog post. Also, this feature will not support looking up any image or Video or any other Gifs, etc..

This feature is very helpful in some cases, as in the provided above example there will be multiple fake news that spreading across millions of users in the globe so, by this feature one can see whats the truth in-next to the web by looking up with “Search the Web” feature. The main intention is to stop spreading fake messages to the people and one shouldn’t be cheated and hacked and shouldn’t be data-driven with fake links. I think this feature will be very helpful and useful in such cases.

It remains unclear how soon WhatsApp intends to roll out this feature, which it began testing several months ago, to users across the globe. But regardless, the new feature comes at a time when WhatsApp and other messaging platforms are being used more often than ever before as people stay in touch with their friends, families, and colleagues at the height of a global pandemic.

Let’s hope, its going to be unveil soon…

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