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Five Different Ways to Download YouTube Videos

We get to know about many different ways to download YouTube videos but wait, is it legit, or risk-free, or virus neutralized, or is your private data safe by using such techniques.

Quiet unsure about it!

No need to worry, here we come up with some amazing and yet very safe to use techniques to download any youtube videos of your choice.

Method 1:

Open any YouTube video on your mobile phone (Android as well as iOS) through the YouTube app and press the download button present just below the title of the video. The video will start downloading on your phone.

PS: This method will only make the video available for the user in offline mode and will not save any shareable media file in local storage.

Method 2:

Open any YouTube video of your choice on PC and add “ss” just before the word “youtube” on the link which is written in the address bar. After this press Enter and you will be redirected to another web page and the video will start downloading.

Method 3: (Only for PC)

Download a software named “Ummy Video Downloader”, after it is installed on your computer, you will just have to copy the link of the youtube video, open the application software, paste the link and press Enter. The video will start downloading.

Method 4:

Download IDM application on your android mobile phone which is available on play- store, open the video through the application and you’ll get the option to download a video in different resolutions.

Method 5:

Download Free Video Downloader application from play- store and open the YouTube video of your choice in the app itself (can search for any video over YouTube through search bar). Now here, we get an option to download the videos even if 4K resolution (if available).

So, these are some easy and quiet safe techniques to download any YouTube video over PC and mobile phones. Also, all the above-mentioned software is free to use and no charges are included even while downloading it.

Nikhil Patel

A Computer Science Engineer who writes tech-based articles out of his passion to make the latest technologies easy to understand for everyone.

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