Samsung Galaxy Fold Coming With Foldable Battery

Samsung is now working on new battery technology for foldable devices by using a flexible battery. Samsung has now released the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. However, both the devices differ each other in many ways but the similarities that they have a double battery installed in both the housing.

According to the latest patents released by the Samsung that clears that they are working on innovative solutions and seems to be using a bendable battery.

Samsung Working on Bendable battery For Foldable Smartphones 

samsung latest patent
foldable battery patent

According to the patent description, Foldable battery can be used in both the housing. The flexible battery consists of two parts one of which is placed in both the houses and from the center the battery can bend up to 180 degrees allowing it to fit in the hinge.

Technical Details of Foldable Battery

Samsung has made this possible by stacking multiple battery cells, using positive and negative electrode substrate parts alternately, and with this structure coalescing layers are eliminated making the battery flexible and easy to bend. The cells of the battery are connected with each other by a conductive cable made with a flexible cable. 

Manufacturers are constantly working on the new innovative solutions in the field of fast charging and battery and the arrival of 5G technology also needs innovative solutions for the problems.

galaxy patent for foldable battery
foldable battery

In the coming period, Samsung will release several high-end devices. The Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus / Ultra are expected in early August, while the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will most likely also be introduced at the same time.

Also, the details of the Galaxy Fold 2 has been leaked.

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However, in September 2019 a group of researchers from ETH Zurich has already shown a prototype of a foldable Lithium-Ion battery by using a flexible material that can be used in the foldable devices this is the world’s first foldable battery designed.

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