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PUBG users to get the all-new LIVIK Map

After the Pubg was released on mobile it had gained demand with regular updates and new maps. PUBG MOBILE is now going to add the new LIVIK map which is reportedly smaller than sanhok which is said to be the shortest map possible in this category. It will allow the players to play on the go 15-minute matches. The map is based on nordic regions. The update is expected to arrive in the second half of the year.

The map is of 2km x 2km in the area which is the smallest map to offer for non-beta users. The map will only have 40 players at a time. The map will also have new guns which are reported will be the P90 Submachine Gun and the new Mk12 Guns. Along with the new attachment, Barrel Extender, which will increase the range of the weapon. Monster trucks will also be introduced in the new map with the capability to run through the terrains.

The map will be a summer favorite vacation place for all the players with active volcanoes to water flowing river and waterfall will also be present on the map. The beta testers have given a positive review of the map. The developer explained

“Players might even get washed away by rapid water flow when standing on the top of the waterfall. You can also prep with new surprise tactics, such as launching a motorboat off the top of a waterfall to the water below on an unsuspecting team”.


The map will be fun to play in. Also, Play PUBG responsibly. Adios 

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