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Google Duo brings ‘Fun’ Features & Increase in number of Participants

It seems that this Worldwide Corona Quarantine has no end if situations do not stable down. People across the globe are locked in their houses in order to protect themselves from this deadly virus. Meanwhile, all of us are missing our friends and loved ones. Consequently, Video calling apps have gained fame, especially in this period, as these apps help users to stay connected with each other.

Google Duo’s New Features

Google’s video chat app – Google Duo App, a popular platform for people to meet their loved ones through video calling, has introduced a new feature known as “Family Mode”. Users can doodle on calls and surprise each other with fun effects like masks to convert your face into astronauts, cats, and many more.

Apart from this feature, Google might remove the phone number method in contacts and instead of it, the app will use email addresses of users. At present, users enter their phone number for Google Duo login and to search for someone on the app.

According to an update, by Android Police, this number would increase up to 32, that is, 32 people would be able to connect in a single video call. Also, group calls on the web, providing a new layout to see more people at the same time would be possible in coming days — Google Duo Web

In March, an update introduced a feature facilitating 12 people in a single video call. It was announced by the senior director of product and design at Google, Sanaz Ahari via Twitter.

Microsoft would also increase the number of participants to 250 as in the current version only 100 participants can participate in a single video call. Zoom has a limit of 100 participants too in its free version. WhatsApp has also increased the number of participants to 8.

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