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Elon Musk threatens to move Tesla from California

The Alameda county disallowed Tesla to resume its manufacturing operations in its Factory at Fremont, taking into account the lockdown brought in affect due to the coronavirus pandemic, the county does not deem the Carmaker as an essential business and is therefore not giving it the green flag to resume operations. In response to this Tesla filed a lawsuit against Alameda County stating that the actions of the “unelected” Interim Health officer are against the constitutional freedoms and plain common sense.

The County’s public health department is saying that the lockdown which came into effect on 23 March has been extended till the end of May, and only essential businesses are permitted to reopen.

This can severely affect the company’s business, says the billionaire CEO Musk, while also calling the COVID-19 restrictions as “fascist” and “forcibly imprisoning people at home”.

The County argues that Tesla does not meet the requirements for a business to reopen. While Competitors are planning on restarting production, Toyota will restart production on Monday with General Motors and Fiat Chrysler are planning to follow suit gradually from 18th May, Tesla is the only company in California.

Ultimately Musk is planning to pull the Tesla Headquarters from California altogether, “This is the Final Straw”, says musk in his tweet on 9th May, and also stating that it will be moving its headquarters to Texas/Nevada immediately.

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