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Google Meet integrated with Gmail

Due to the worldwide Pandemic and instructions to stay indoor people are now in need of video conferencing solutions more than ever, apps like Zoom have been dominating this area for quite some time now, but now Google is ready to take on the competition with its own mass video conferencing app, this could spell trouble for apps like Zoom and Webex.

Google has begun integrating its Meet feature with Gmail, and currently, it is available within Gmail for GSuite users, those who know the popularity Gmail can probably understand why this is a big deal and how it is beneficial for Meet. Basically, big companies like Google are highly dependent on their reputation and spend billions to make sure that their search engines are the default engines on browsers, owing to this technique, integration of Meet directly with Gmail can prove to be extremely beneficial for it.

Google Meet’s free variation will be available to all eventually, allowing a standard meet of up to 100 people with a time limit of 60 minutes, but the time limit will be implemented from September 30th. This is quite similar in comparison to competitors like Zoom.

Google Meet will also be available for iOS and Android users as well as be directly available on the Chrome browser. While Zoom may have had the headstart in this race for teleconferencing supremacy, Meet still has some advantages over Zoom, not only does it have the reputation and resources of Google it boasts better security options than Zoom.

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