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Now Raise Funds Over Instagram Live

Instagram will now allow people to make their live events on Instagram a fundraiser.

This feature will allow dedicated viewers to directly support non-profit organizations endorsed by the streamer, the streamers can choose the organizations they want to support and arrange a live fundraising event, thereafter they will be able to see the amount raised and people supporting them. They will even be able to see individual contributions of people, should they want to give them a shoutout. Instagram will then transfer all the money raised to the organizations. It is also worth noting that Instagram will not take any commission from the money raised.

The Platform has already provided stickers for donating for use in stories. The people who donate to stories or live fundraisers will unlock a special ‘I donated’ sticker.

Instagram is claiming that it has seen a large surge in the usage of Live, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Reportedly, there was a 70% spike in Live usage on Instagram in the last months. To support this trend Instagram will also make it easier for streamers to transfer live videos to IGTV. This feature can be especially useful amid these testing times to provide a platform for people around the world to contribute to these organizations.

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