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PUBG to add two-factor authentication to prevent account hacking

PUBG developers are going to take some serious measures to stop account hacking and in reference to that, they are going to add two-factor authentication. This will help prevent hackers to hack the player’s account and will provide more security to the users.

PUBG previously used to ban the accounts in which they suspect any hack and many PUBG players reported that their account gets banned after someone hacked into their account and used a hack to play games. The two-factor authentication measure will help in preventing the hacking of PUBG accounts.

As the reports suggest that Players will have to activate the two-factor authentication on their account as soon as this feature releases, otherwise players will not be able to play the ranked mode in PUBG game.

Hacking in PUBG is a very serious issue as Players lose their main account due to hacking and also many hackers play with using several types of hacks in PUBG and this demotivates those original PUBG players who play the game seriously.

Now PUBG developers are taking this issue seriously and doing their best to stop account hacking on PUBG. It will be now interesting to see how effective this measure will prove to be as everyone wants fair gameplay where they can enjoy their game without worrying about the hackers to steal their Account.

PUBG is also going to work on in-game hacks. Some of the plans that are in work are

  • In weapons, many authentications are applied that are related to firing angles, weapon recoils, bullet trajectory auto-aiming, etc.
  • In-Vehicle, it sees the speed of the vehicle, the amount of time it remains in the air, its turning angle
  • An in-game character, it sees the movement speed of the character, the time they remains in air , their jumping capacity etc

Now since PUBG has launched its two-factor authentication the hackers will have a hard time hacking the player’s account and now players can play without concern for their account safety.

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