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PUBG launches Ranked TDM mode

PUBG Mobile has released its new Team Death Match (TDM) mode and it is quite similar to what we see on Call of Duty Mobile. The new PUBG Mobile TDM mode has now a ranking system in which players will get ranks as they get in a classic mode according to their performances. This is a great update for TDM lovers as they get to play the TDM mode in three different maps.

There are three different modes in Ranked Arena

  • First one is Team Deathmatch which has three different maps namely Warehouse, Ruins, Town.
  • Second one is Assault mode which has two different maps namely Ruins and Town.
  • And the last one is Domination mode which has the Town map. In this mode, Team is split between 2 teams as 4vs4 Red vs Blue match. The map has 3 bases and the first team to capture the 2 bases wins.   

However, Players don’t get to choose in which map they want to play. The modes and maps are selected randomly in Ranked Events. The duo and solo mode in ranked events are unusable.

Ranked Events in new TDM mode is highly addictive and fun to play with your squad. This mode has been demanded by every PUBG lover and those who wanted to earn rank while playing TDM. The developers of these games have finally listened to the voice of the players and added this mode. This will now increase the popularity of PUBG Mobile to even a higher level as there are some players who like to play TDM instead of Battle Royale.

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