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Deepfake Tool turns you into Elon Musk into Zoom meetings

During the lockdown period, every organization is shifting from work from home and using video conferencing. Here is an awesome tool that will make your video conferencing crispier by joining as Elon Musk.

Here is an awesome open-source tool named Avatarify that will turn you impersonate celebrity using the deep fake filter on your face in the camera. 

Avatarify Deep Fake Algorithm 

The tool works on an algorithm that can superimpose someone’s else faces with your on the real-time during the video conferencing and its source code is made open source and anyone can download from GitHub.

Aliev told Motherboard that this First Order Model worked fast enough to create a real-time avatar. However, the usual face swapping algorithm need to be trained for the swapping with several images of the face but the First Order Motion worked fast enough without any other prior training on the target time and he was able to develop the prototype within a couple of hours.

“Developing a prototype was a matter of a couple of hours and I decided to make fun of my colleagues with whom I have a Zoom call each Monday,” Aliev told Motherboard

The developer has demonstrated a demo video by replacing his face with the Elon Musk by fooling his colleges. If you carefully look at his video its a fake Elon Musk.

Run the deep fake filter along with the video conferencing in Zoom or Skype.

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