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Apple Web Music Exits Beta! Bye Spotify

After almost a year of the Beta program, Apple has now officially removed Beta from its web music. Which is now officially launched on Friday. You can now visit the site by clicking here. It is accessible from any supporting web browser

Everything rest aside its design closely resembles the Native Mac Application. The layout of store pages and the visual language is similar.t has the same  controls on top, also has the left-aligned navigation bar with “For You,” “Browse,” and “Radio.”

The free version of the site lets you listen to eats 1 Radio and songs in your own music library, while the paid versions let to access the Apple’s Music Catalog for just $9.99 per month. Also Providing a 3 months free trial that may require card verification. It lets you stream more than 60 million songs and access playlists & favorites you may have saved on your apple device. If you’re an iTunes user, once logged in with Apple ID will make you access your existing music library at ease,

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