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China bans Online gaming with Foreigners

China certainly doesn’t care about the freedom of speech for its people, as proved by the banning of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch sometime ago as it led to the mockery of the Chinese Government caused by democracy activists like Joshua Wong, the Chinese Communist Party has now banned online gaming with foreigners as well as chatting with them in general.

Animal Crossing Screenshot
Animal Crossing is a family friendly game with no violent content or suggestive themes whatsoever.

The CCP banned online gaming with foreigners as it allows for unmonitored communication with the rest of the world, which CCP did not like (as stated by Taiwan News). Additionally, China has also declared zombies, plagues, map-editing, roleplaying and organizing unions in games as illegal. Audiences under the age of 18 also have to follow a gaming curfew from 10 pm to 8 am and their in-game purchases are also monitored, all in the name of preventing video games from becoming too addictive for the common public.

People are viewing this as a Chinese scheme to prevent their public from speaking up on the Corona Virus matter and making the condition of the country public. These methods causing further isolation of the Chinese public from other countries are a cause of suspicion for the rest of the World.

Such behavior of the CCP not only raises questions on its moral integrity but also creates a restrictive environment for the Gaming community, displeasing many.

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