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Best Youtube Alternatives in 2020

YouTube is without a doubt among the prime video sharing platforms in the world, however, it’s not the only one, everyone knows that competition is the best catalyst of growth, so let’s take a look at the best YouTube alternatives or YouTube competitors: –

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a French video sharing platform owned by Vivendi, but it has a global audience.

Dailymotion is the second-largest video sharing platform after youtube(as per the statistics shared by both companies). In terms of content, it has a content base very similar to youtube. It allows for uploading high-quality videos for viewers around the world, although it allows for an upload limit of 2GB with the playtime of the video to be 60 mins per video and only 10 videos per day. This tactic is employed to prevent spamming on the site but can also be viewed as a downside when compared to Youtube.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo logo

Vimeo is an American video-sharing platform owned by IAC, but just like Dailymotion and youtube, it has a global audience.

Vimeo is an ad-free sharing platform that allows for better quality uploads as compared to youtube, making these 2 features its unique selling point. But this comes at a literal cost.

While Vimeo does allow free membership, it limits the creators to upload the only 500mb of content per week. Their “Plus” plan costs about $7 a month and allows uploading of 5gb data per week. Their “Pro” plan costing $20 a month allows for an upload limit of 20gb a week.

Vimeo also provides a “Business” plan for teams and organizations and “Premium” for extreme content creators. But one upside to this membership jargon of Vimeo is that it boasts an ad-free experience for all its users, creating a more premium and sophisticated entertainment environment.

3. Twitch

Twitch logo

Twitch is a live streaming service owned by Amazon. It is mostly famous for its video gaming community and gameplay live streams.

The gaming scene on youtube is now larger than ever, but due to several issues monetization of content tailored around gaming is a little hard, as not most of these videos are family-friendly. That is where twitch shines.

Twitch is extremely famous for its video gaming community and uploaders or streamers here earn money via paid subscriptions made by their viewers, the viewers may also choose to pay for twitch turbo to get an ad-free viewing experience though the streamers may choose to promote their sponsor during the live stream. Since Twitch is a live streaming service rather than the conventional video-sharing service it has no upload limits but does not allow for speeds more than 6000kbps.

4. Metacafe

Metacafe logo

Metacafe is video hosting/sharing platform stationed at the US and owned by The Collective.

Metacafe is a pretty unique platform as compared to others on this list, as it specializes in short video format. Most videos on Metacafe are 90-180 seconds long and to ensure that videos on the site stay short it has an upload limit of 100mb per video. While videos on Metacafe contain a myriad of contents ranging from vines to pranks, many videos on the site are not child friendly. The site however, bans showcasing of content containing nudity.

Uploaders on Metacafe can earn money by getting their videos as the best videos, thus incentivizing uploads.

5. Facebook

Facebook logo

Facebook is an American social media platform.

While for most Facebook is a social media platform, it acts as an excellent platform for video sharing as well, even though it is not exclusively meant for it. Facebook contains a lot of watchable video content on its various pages. Videos from a lot of the above-mentioned platforms or other platforms can end up on Facebook due to its vast and expansive user-base. Since Facebook also has a native video player, it makes for a great experience watching videos sent by friends or family. All these factors make Facebook an unforgettable pick for this list even considering the fact that it is not an exclusive media sharing platform.

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