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‘Gun Game’ And ‘Prop Hunt’ Game Modes back in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 was released on 01 April 2020. It came up with two new game modes viz; the Gun Game mode and the Prop Hunt mode. Both of these modes are very much interesting than the previously existing modes.

Gun Game Mode

This mode allows eight players to participate at a time. Each player aims to achieve 200 points and the one who does this first will be the winner. Each kill equals to 10 points and thus, 20 kills are needed to win the game. After each kill players get a new gun to perform the next kill. After the 19th kill, player has to perform his/her last kill with the help of an Axe. As soon as a player achieves 20 kills (200 points) the game concludes and top three players are selected on the basis of maximum kills. This mode will be available for a limited period of 1 Week.

Prop Hunt Mode

This mode consists of two rounds and two teams with equal number of players. In the first round, one of the two teams has to play props and the other team needs to hunt the prop. In second round, the roles get interchanged. Props available in this game mode includes basketball, a huge egg, a wooden slab, and a few more. However, this mode goes unfair if observed. The team who chooses to play props on the very first round gets an advantage. This team already knows about the available props in the second round. This mode will be available for 12 days.

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