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Why and How To sanitize phone parts during corona outbreak

The World is on fire due to the Novel Coronavirus and great importance is been given to hand sanitation, social distancing, and personal hygiene. Everyone is giving the advice to clean and disinfect the home, not to touch your face and so forth. But the thing which is not being talked about much is your lifeline — the one everyone checks a hundred times a day — your phone. Using a phone or any other gadget with no safety and hygiene can not only prone you to coronavirus but also any other fatal disease.

It’s just as important to stay away from other people’s phones as it is to stay away from them.

In this critical period, one should also look after sanitizing phones and other gadgets and make sure that these gadgets are safe and free of germs.

Apple now suggests to use disinfecting wipes on its products. These wipes should contain 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. It has also recommended Clorox wipes. Similarly, other phones and gadgets can also be cleaned by such wipes. Sanitizers especially made for phones and gadgets like Mobiwash, Rnaux cleaning kit can be used. Any other disinfectants or simply alcohol have damaging effect on gadgets as they can fade away oleophobic coating — that keep oil and water from damaging display and other parts.

The germs on a hard surface can sustain from a period of two hours to nine days.

How to clean your smartphone –

Microfiber cloth: Using a cloth will not kill bacteria and viruses but only tranfer it from phone to the cloth. Hence, use a damp microfiber cloth instead, also it will reduce the scratching of screen.

Technology cleaners: Mobile sanitizers and specific products of cleaning are available in markets to thoroughly clean your devices.

What to avoid –

Window cleaning spray: One should not use glass and window cleaners to clean your phone as some phones cannot sustain the harsh chemicals in these cleaners.

Paper: Use of papers or tissues can leave scratches on mobile screens.

Rubbing alcohol/sprays, General household cleaning products, Vinegar: Even when diluted with water these products can be harmful for phones and other gadgets.

One must turn off the phone while cleaning it. Also, it is not correct to dunk phone or anyother gadget in cleaning product.

Samsung Galaxy Sanitising service

Samsung has opened Galaxy sanitizing service in US and UK including other 17 countries. In coming days, it is likely to expand this service in more countries.

Do you need a UV light to sanitize the phone?

UV light is effective over other viruses and germs but it hasn’t been proved effective against deadly coronavirus. Along with this fact, these systems are comparatively expensive than disinfectant and wibes.

Again, it is our prime duty to sanitize gamepads and remote controls in our home as these are the items that we are in contact most of the times nowadays.

Even though if you are practicing cleaning your phones and other gadgets, it is must important to wash and clean your hands regularly. It will be inconsequential if one is only concerned to clean the phone and careless regarding personal hygiene and washing hands.

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