4.9 Million Georgian Voter Records Published Online by Hackers

According to ZDNet Voter records of more than 4.9 million Georgians have been published online on hacking forums including the deceased citizens.

The information of voters was published on Saturday that includes personal information such as home addresses, full names, mobile number, Date of Birth and ID numbers which were shared on a 1.04 GB Microsoft Access Database(MDB) file. 

The data breach was first spotted by Under the Breach that provides data breach prevention services. 

It is being claimed that the data came from https://voters.cec.gov.ge/, it is an official government portal where users can log in and verify and update their voter registration. The portal is not working at this time. But it is not clarified whether the data was obtained by brute-forcing official government portal or official Android app.

The database contained 4,934,863 records but was not kept up to date, as it also included details for millions of deceased voters — as can be seen from the screenshot below”, ZDNet wrote.

voters database leaked
Source: ZDNet

But according to the Central Election Commission, their database contains 3.5 million voters with no deceased individuals and their database includes voter’s father’s name.

Georgian ministry said that they are looking into the case.

However, it is not the first time that the voter’s records have been leaked online last year also the records for 4.3 million Chileans have been leaked and three years back Americans have been hit by the largest voter leak where the personal information for 198 million voters have been exposed online.

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