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Coronavirus Challenge: TikToker Tests Positive After Licking Toilet Seat

The number of global Coronavirus cases has crossed 720k with over 34k fatalities. The global pandemic is not stopping taking someone’s life but some stupidity and nonsense put the life of an influencer in danger.

Coronavirus challenge started soon after the influencer Ava Louise captured herself licking the toilet seat in an airplane to gain popularity and making the video viral. After uploading the video, she did achieve $4,000 and popularity.

But things are not perfect for everyone and another TikToker Larz gets infected by the novel coronavirus after licking the toilet seat of a public toilet. The influencer shared the information by tweeting and soon after that Twitter suspended the account.

As per the report of Daily Mail, The 21-year-old ‘influencer’ from California tweeted “I tested positive for Coronavirus”

The Insider report suggests that Ava Louise disinfected the toilet seat before licking it. Larz is hospitalized now. The coronavirus challenge went viral now. But as per Louise, Larz is his best friend and he uploads an old video of him being hospitalized to pretend positive but in actual he is is not positive. There are no more comments on it from Larz itself.

It is advised to not put your life in danger by performing such acts.

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