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Sailfish OS for Redmi Note 7 Spotted

If you are familiar with the Android ports, Generic System Image (GSI) ports and Project Treble then you might have come across this developer named Erfan Abdi. He was working on the Ubuntu Touch for the Redmi Note 7, now He has successfully ported the Sailfish OS in it.

As the reports by XDA-Developers Erfan Abdi (@Khode_Erfan) had ported Ubuntu Touch to the Redmi Note 7 earlier. But now with the help of another developer named Danct12 (@RealDanct12), He has ported Sailfish OS to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. He teased a video on his Twitter account as you can see below even the voice calls are working as reported by the developer recently.

The build zip and all necessary files will be updated on his server shortly at

The installation process is a bit complex as compared to ordinary custom ROM installation. If you do not have any experience in installing custom ROMs, GSI’s we would highly advise you not to go for it else you might end up getting your device bricked.

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