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Poland Launches “Home Quarantine” App to Track Quarantine Patients

Poland launches a selfie app making coronavirus patients to take regular geolocation selfies to show that they are self quarantining by staying at home.

The app named “Home Quarantine” is launched by The Ministry of Digitalization. The application is available on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store. The app is compulsory for the people being quarantined for 14 days.

People who have downloaded the apps need to register with a selfie-and then need to send geotagged selfies regularly. With the help of this app, there is no need for police to check the quarantine people as there are only two options for Poland people, either they will have unexpected police visit or they need to download this app.

The app will request the selfie and if the person is not able to complete the request within 20 minutes then the police will be notified. In Poland, a fine of up to PLN 5,000 may be imposed on the person who breaks the quarantine.

As the number of people cured from being quarantine is increased, the Government is working every possible idea to work out.

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