How to Stay Productive While Work From Home?

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, all companies are telling their employees to work from home. Microsoft has also said that last week they have emailed approximately 50,000 employees in the Seattle area asking them to work from home and Google is also advising them to work from home but, Now the challenge arises how to make work from home more productive and effective. So some of the big companies like Microsoft and Google have shared some tips about how to be productive at work from home.

Create work checklist 

Setup your worklist a day before that list out the work you have to do at the day like you can create a template that tells you the hour-by-hour plan. However, working from home can be disturbing for almost everyone some may have children, or dogs at home so there might be some disturbance but remember everyone is doing their best to make work from home more productive.

Stay Connected 

While working from home anyone can feel bored and isolated so create some opportunity for the whole team connected virtually.

Maintain your regular meeting but just shift them to online mode.

Use the resources like Google Hangout to stay connected and some of the companies are providing free services during the time of the outbreak.

Be mindful and have fun

While moving towards online conference meetings some people may have difficulty sharing their opinions during crowded conferences, so meeting organizers should pause meetings frequently to invite questions and share some opinions and ideas this will make a meeting more productive and interesting.

Work from home doesn’t mean working all day. Working remotely make someone feel stress and burnout without breaks for exercise. Remember that your health comes first make some time for meals, drink plenty of water this will keep you healthy and will also help in staying productive in the long run.

Record your meetings

If your company allows it, record your meeting to stay connected and if you are not able to attend the meeting tell anyone

 to record it and send it but if your company doesn’t allow just make a memo about the meeting so that you remember what happened in the meeting.

For Students

Students are advised to utilize their holidays to be more productive don’t waste it on useless things like playing games and on social media.

Tips for working productively from home

  • Utilizes resources 
  • lower the quality of video calls since everyone doesn’t have a good internet connection at home
  • Record your meeting or create a Memo
  • Take time for your health

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