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Coronavirus: Tinder Passport to Be Available for Free

Tinder, geosocial networking and online dating application have good tidings for its users in the critical condition of Covid-19. On Friday, it updated a fact regarding a new feature which the company is going to include — Passport feature.

It will be available, for free of any charges, for all the users from next week up to April 30 which will allow them to connect with anyone and anywhere throughout the world. The company gave a statement that the reason behind this new feature is to connect more and more people during this tough period.

During the quarantine period, people show more interest in new conversations through such a platform which provides comparatively longer conversations. Consequently, more number of people are using Tinder bios to show concern for others.

The passport feature is being used by many current Tinder subscribers. They are finding solidarity among individuals with common interests even hundred of miles away from each other. People can check for their relatives who are going through the same situations in their hometown, college town, or any other place.

And still, if nothing comes fruitful users can at least learn how to greet people in other languages.

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