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NASA picks proposals to study cosmic explosions

NASA has accepted some proposals to study Cosmic explosions and the debris that gets caused because of these explosions. The 4 mission would focus to monitor how the stellar flares affect the atmospheres of planets. It is precisely for this reason that, NASA is likely to select two of the proposals in 2021. They would be their Astrophysics missions under Explorers programme. Furthermore, these missions will be launched in 2025.

However, the missions mentioned will be modest type and NASA would definitely try to unveil the secrets of the universe from studying stars and planets outside our solar system to seeking answers to the largest cosmic mysteries. The missions are expected to be much creative and innovative.

Based on potential science value and feasibility of development plans two Astrophysics Small Explorer (SMEX) missions and two Missions of Opportunity (MO) proposals were selected. MO costs are provided $75 million while SMEX mission costs are provided with $145 million each (Launch costs are excluded). SMEX missions will receive $2 million to conduct a 9 month mission concept study.

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