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Tax on Smartphone increased to 18 %

The Council in its meeting chaired by the Union minister of finance decided to waive the late fee for delayed filing of annual returns for the Financial year 2018, FY2019 by entities with a turnover of but Rs. 2 crores. The minister also said that interest is going to be levied on net liabilities from Dominion Day for delayed GST payments.

The GST Council on Saturday decided to extend GST rates on mobile phones to 18 percent from 12 percent with effect from April 1, 2020.
The finance minister declared this Saturday.
The Council also decided to reduce taxes on MRO services for aircraft to five percent from 12 percent. while the tax on matchsticks has been increased back to 12 percent.

GST Council has also asked Infosys to deploy more skilled manpower, increase the capacity of hardware of GST Network to make sure that the system is glitch-free.

The council has asked Infosys, which has designed the GSTN, to supply a far better-groomed GSTN system by July 2020.

The following steps have been taken following the coronavirus outbreak in India. The following steps have been taken to strengthen the emergency services. Also making the GST system more glitch-free and online will ultimately help fellow tax-payers.

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