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Jeep’s $5,900 electric bike pre-orders launched now

The iconic carmaker Jeep to expand its reach into the electric two-wheeler market partnering with electric bike QuietKat to produce an e-bike. Jeep’s e-bike will cost consumers $5,899 with delivery expected to take place during June 2020.

QuickKat Developed a 750W motor, Fire-Link suspension, and the company also says it can go 40 miles (64.4km) on a single charge. Jeep’s e-bike has high-end suspension features and bike’s suspension designed by FREY Bike, a Jinhua, China-based e-bike company.

FREY e-Bike has already a strong appreciation for their setup and the quality of their bikes. For Jeep e-bike, FREY has modified FREY M600 reworked for fat tires and the larger M620 motor.

Jeep has joined the likes on another list of other major car manufacturers that are offering electric bicycles and scooters. GM already started selling its electric bicycle last year, and Skoda has launched a novel e-bike/scooter hybrid. Spanish automaker SEAT has captured in a two-wheeled EV game with its own seated and standing electric scooters.

Popular Ridesharing companies like Uber, Lyft, and Ola are also getting into the e-scooter business, with companies like Bird and Lime becoming increasingly popular.

Jeep’s first electric bike is just launched, the bigger question now is, “When will we finally see a true four-wheeled electric Jeep?”

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