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LinkedIn Is Experimenting Its Version Of Snapchat-like Stories

Professional-social platform Linkedin is working Snapchat-like stories. On Wednesday, LinkedIn’s head of content, products Pete Davies announced that the brand is introducing a new conversation-promoting feature to the platform Stories.

In 2013 Snapchat created a Feature called ‘stories’ and Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp then adopted it.According to The Verge, LinkedIn published a story feature known as ‘Student Voices’ in 2018. Which was meant for students, where they could share stories. But the new LinkedIn Stories feature will be much different.

We’ve learned so much already about the unique possibilities of Stories in a professional context. For example, the sequencing of the Story format is great for sharing the key moments from work events, the full-screen narrative style makes it easy to share tips and tricks that help us work smarter,” said Pete Davies, who’s the head of content products at LinkedIn

Nevertheless, the main idea of Stories for LinkedIn is to encourage conversation between professionals, given the fact that conversations are in the heart of a lot of the things happening on the platform.

Earlier, LinkedIn is adding a “Fair Chance” filter for job ads on the platform which aims to help people who have a criminal record find employers open to hiring them.LinkedIn does not guarantee whether it will launch stories on its platform. The company is currently only testing the feature internally and plans to have a wider public test in the coming months

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