Xiaomi Hybrid SIM – A SIM or MicroSD Card?

Hybrid Sim slot which is a flagship feature of Xiaomi is sometimes considered as a guilty pleasure. Sometimes it does save the space but also is a problem for its users as they can’t put two Simcard and a sim card simultaneously. Well according to our sources XIamoni itself has solved this problem with the all-new SIM card that’s also a microSD card. Xiaomi is working on the same as our source confirmed.

This sim card would be Xiaomi Exclusive that means other brands could not replicate this feature. The Patent suggests the same. This is a late come efficient technology which is a need for a long time.

The sim card will have the standard sim tech on one side and the flash memory on the other side. As said this hybrid SIm card is likely to be compatible only with Xiaomi and its child companies. Initially, it would be a prototype and will only be released in the Chinese market. Later it may be released in the global market.

This Idea is brilliant but according to our knowledge, this is not the time to implement such mocktails as eSIM cards are now gaining more popularity than the physical ones.
What do you think about this Brillant but the late idea?

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