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Netflix Offering First Month at Rs.5 in India | A New Test

You will now have to pay just Rs 5 for your first month on Netflix in India. As opposed to first month free, now its Rs 5 for the first month in India. It’s only applicable to new users and for their first month only.

According to a report, Netflix is testing this new plan in India to supposedly increase its reach over other streaming services in India. After the first month, you have to pay the normal rates depending on your chosen plan. It is limited to only a few new users, and if it’s successful, Netflix might roll the offer to all new customers.

This is a new marketing promotion designed to help more people discover Netflix. Depending on its success, we may roll it out more widely

Said a Netflix spokesperson in the report.

Despite this offer, Netflix is still costlier than Amazon Prime, considering it also offers Amazon Prime subscription and Prime music as well.

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