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Apple’s new All Glass iMac Design Patent

Apple’s products are not leaked as other companies, either we get to know via patents that Apple is working on something new. Recently a new patent filed by Apple shows a glimpse of what might be a futuristic iMac version. iMac is an all-in-one desktop featuring slim and attractive design, but this will take things up a notch.

According to the patent, Apple could be working on a new iMac made out of a single sheet of glass, it is named as ‘Electronic Device with Glass Housing Member’. From various images and the description, Apple seems to be working on a device with a curved single sheet of glass with a large flat area at one end for input devices like a keyboard, and a trackpad.

The glass would make up for most of the design, like the present iMac design, which would be supported by a rear wedge section that would fit inside of a hole at the bottom, helping to hold the display strong.

Apple files many patents each year, but only some are released or experienced by the consumer. This is a unique design and could be launched, but is a concept at the time being.

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