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China Publicly Mocks “Pajamas” Wearers Using Face Detection

Suzhou city of China started mocking people wearing Pajamas on Social Media by the Suzhou management department who detected seven such using facial detection.

Such conduct is the first way to root out “Uncivilized Behaviour”. Local authorities posted people wearing Pajamas with their locations, Government identification numbers, and names and the city showed outrage as it is very common to wear Pajamas in a city with Six Million People.

After that city officials removed the posts and apologized for the behavior. As per the New York Times, The department posted a woman photo named Ms. Dong in a pink robe and pink pants which was removed later.

We sincerely apologize. The way we released the information and the content of the article were not handled properly. We wanted to put an end to uncivilized behavior, but of course, we should protect residents’ privacy.

The Suzhou Department

The apology by the officials gives a note that they will not stop but from now they will blur out the picture before posting. The nation is using state-of-the-art to the next level to ensure complete control of the world’s biggest populated country.

Another report from the BBC indicates that China is planning to install 400 million artificial intelligence cameras by the end of 2020 out of which 170 million is already installed.

Last year, the department told people to share photos of “uncivilized behavior” and earn 10 Euan in return. Such controlling behavior will lead the state to outrage, of course.

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