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Xiaomi Patents Smartphone With a Surround Display

Mi Mix Alpha is the first smartphone to provide a surround display covering the entire phone body. According to reports, Xiaomi has patented a smartphone with the same feature of full surround display. The new device will have the same peculiarity as that of MI Mix Alpha. Now, it is a thing to behold whether the launch will prove good for the company or not !!

Mi Mix Alpha, which was launched in September 2019, can be launched for mass production at anytime. However, the new unlaunced smartphone has not been mass produced yet.

The new device had a 7.92-inch flexible OLED screen. It is power-packed with a resolution of 2088×2250 pixels. A 12GB RAM memory is provided with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus. A 12GB RAM memory is provided with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus.

The new smartphone has display on the front panel and the rear panel. It is quite different from the Mi Mix Alpha as per the design perspective.

However, Company has not revealed anything about the launch date of the phone !!

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