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TikTok Competitor Lasso by Facebook to be launched this year

Facebook launched its short video app, Lasso, last year trying to take on TikTok in the US only. Now Facebook reportedly is planning to launch it in India this year. Facebook will face tough competition from TikTok whenever it is launched in India, as TikTok is extremely popular among the country’s users.

Facebook is going to leave no stones unturned to give tough competition to TikTok. Facebook reportedly looks like launching the app this year by May, they have been working to launch the app since October. Facebook has been mapping several aspects of TikTok’s growth in India. TikTok is taking market share from Facebook. The company is working on strategies to bring influencers and creators from TikTok to Lasso.

WhatsApp is also working on Lasso integration. Reverse engineer Manchun Wong has shared screenshots of Lasso link on WhatsApp in picture-in-picture mode. Lasso already has over a million downloads on Google Play Store. Facebook is trying its best to overcome TikTok, just like the time when Snapchat gained popularity Facebook launched similar features on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

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