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South Korea Will Install AI Cameras For Crime Detection

The Seocho District of South Korea’s capital Seoul and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ERTI) announced that they are going to install 3,000 AI cameras by July 2020.

The AI cameras will analyze the time, location and behavior patterns of passerby to detect any upcoming criminal activity. The cameras will detect the difference between the walk of a normal person or the person following the other. Not only this that the camera will detect glasses, masks, and hats but also whether the passerby is carrying any dangerous object such as gun, knife or not.

The camera will use this information to deduce the probability that a crime will take place. If the rate exceeds a certain rate, the cameras will alert the district office and nearby police stations to send personnel to the location.

ERTI Claimed, Source: ZDNet

As per the report of ZDNet, The AI model is trained on the database of 20,000 court verdict documents and crime footage to identify criminal traits and patterns. The program is under development stage and is expected to complete by 2022. The program will also spread to other districts.

AI detection is promising a safe environment for the people of Seoul. On the contrary, the privacy of people will be affected.

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