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Convert Any Image to 3D With LucidPix

An AI startup Lucid recently unveils an app named “LucidPix” that can transform any 2D image to 3D without the use of any external hardware such as depth sensors or multiple cameras.

2D to 3D image converter

The app is announced at CES 2020. The app uses “3D Fusion Technology” a contextual AI technology. You can convert any previously captured 2D images to 3D and share them directly on any social network. Move your smartphone and see the 3D effect.

The way consumers express themselves digitally and visually has evolved more and more to what we naturally see with our own eyes with depth. Thus, over the past few years, the visual medium has become more multidimensional, leading to more portrait photos, 3D content, and AR and VR being created.

Han Jin, Founder and CEO, Lucid

The contextual AI is trained on millions of images. The app also introduced over fifty 3D Frames that will help to give a 3D effect with the help of some extra elements like leaves.

The app is currently in Beta testing on both Android and iOs. The app will come in both free and premium versions. The free will give a watermark at the bottom and includes basic 3D frames and no 2D to 3D conversions.

The premium version will be available at $6 per month or $60 per year removing all limitations. You can download the app by clicking here

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