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Uber Introduces New Safety Features in India

Yesterday, In an event in New Delhi, Ride giant Uber announced three safety cum privacy features. The features include PIN verification, Ride Check and audio recording.

Uber started copying Ola in the PIN verification feature. The ride only begins when the user gives a 4 digit verification code to the driver. Once the right pin is entered by the driver, then only the journey begins. After the success of the feature in America after launching back in September, the feature finally arrives in India.

In order to activate this feature, you need to go to the safety tab and activate the verification feature from there. The feature allows two options for users, One can activate the feature for all rides or only the night rides between 9:00 PM-6:00 AM.

Uber starts keeping an eye on the ride via the driver’s smartphone. It checks whether the ride is going as planned or not. If there is route change or unwanted stoppage then the RideCheck feature will activate and Uber instantly calls both driver and the rider to confirm if everything is going well.

The audio recording feature will let both driver and rider to record their entire ride if they both are uncomfortable with each other. This will be recorded in an encrypted form to remove any kind of tempering. The audio will be shared with Uber that will judge the “Polite” behavior of the driver as well as the rider.

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Introducing such features will help to report crashes, safety, and privacy of both drivers and the riders.

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