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NASA’s Satellite Found New Habitable Planet, 20% Larger Than Earth

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has found a new Earth-sized planet named as TOI 700 d. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena confirmed the planet with its Spitzer Space Telescope.

The planet is small and termed as an M-dwarf star. TOI 700 d is located in the southern constellation Dorado around 100 light-years away from the planet Earth. In a report of Tech Crunch, It is noted that the planet orbits around a star that has lower surface temperature and has 40% of the mass of the Sun.

Discovering TOI 700 d is a key science finding for TESS. Confirming the planet’s size and habitable zone status with Spitzer is another win for Spitzer as it approaches the end of science operations this January.

Paul Hertz, Astrophysics Division Director at NASA Headquarters

TOI 700 is the star around which three planets namely TOI 700 a, TOI 700 b and TOI 700 d revolves. TOI 700 a size is the same as that of Earth and it completes its orbit in 10 days. TOI 700 b is 2.6 times larger than Earth and it completes its orbit in 16 days while the third and the planet that lies in habitable zone TOI 700 d is 20 times larger than Earth and it completes its orbit in 37 days.

In 11 months of data we saw no flares from the star, which improves the chances TOI 700 d is habitable and makes it easier to model its atmospheric and surface conditions.

Emily Gilbert

NASA found that the cloud-formation and wind-patterns are different from those of Earth. Scientists are working on creating simulation and in one simulation and scientists found an ocean-covered with dense carbon-dioxide layer while another model found a deep formation of clouds having stars.

Well, it may be possible in the coming years that we can shift from Planet Earth to some new planet as we are responsible for the damage that we are doing with the mother nature. The recent fire of Australia has already destroyed over 2,000 homes and many lives.

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