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Instagram Started Fact-Checking; Flagged Fake News

Instagram has started fact-checking services on its platform. It started blurring the false information. After a month of partnership with fact-checking groups, Instagram started rolling out the feature for some users.

According to a report from BGR, Instagram, in a process to fight with fake news started blurring stories giving a warning of False Information. With the “False Information” flag the story will also come blurred with a descriptive line that is “Reviewed by independent fact-checkers

On the blurred warning, Instagram offers two buttons, first says “See Why” while the other says “See Post“. See Why button further elaborates the fake information giving out details of the Fact-Checker while the See Post button will allow the user to see the information.

A special button that is “Learn More” at the bottom will allow users to know further about the partnership of Instagram with the Fact-Checker. Instagram also adds the reason behind the flag of that information by linking to an article that can be opened by clicking on More Information Button.

If your post or story that is flagged as false and you want to appeal back to Instagram then you can do the same by clicking here

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