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YouTube Now Offers Copyrighted Claim Removal Tool

Yeah, you read that right. The new YouTube Studio update will let content creators trim the copyrighted part from their video to deal with copyright claim disputes. The new thread from Google titled “New YouTube Studio tools to help you deal with copyright claims” shows how the new YouTube Studio works?

We’re also providing more transparency about the content of the copyright takedown than ever before, now surfacing the specific description of the copyrighted work provided by the claimant in the takedown notice. In cases where that info is not readily available, there’s an option to contact our copyright team for a copy of the takedown notice.

Official Blog Post – Google

Whenever there comes a copyright strike to any content creator then the only way to remove that claim is to edit the entire video. But YouTube introduces a new tool named as “Assisted Trim” that will help you remove the copyright segment from your video.

With the new update, Now users will be able to know more about copyright strike that is on which video the copyright claim is done, who submitted the takedown notice and possible solutions to resolve the claim.

Now users can receive a copy of copyright notice that includes on which segment of the video their comes a claim. With the help of Assisted Trim, you can trim out the part on which there is a copyright claim. By trimming, it will automatically release the claim.

In the video list, there comes another column that will let you know if there is any restrictions to the video. In this column, you will see Copyright Claim and None that indicates the copyright issues in details.

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